About Us

Mid-Arkansas Utilities services customers is Pulaski, Lonoke, and Faulkner Counties.


Our History of Service

Mid-Arkansas Utilities PWA formally know as North Pulaski Waterworks Public Facilities Board was formed on October 2, 2003 by City Ordinance No. 1207(#15-03) enacted by the City of Jacksonville, Arkansas pursuant to the provisions of the Public Facilities Board Act, as codified in the Arkansas Code Annotated beginning at Section 14-137-101.  The City of Jacksonville appoints the five members of Board of Directors. 

The original group of water users was comprised of two nonprofit organizations, Central Arkansas Water Users Association, Inc. and North Pulaski County Water Users Association, Inc.  Both organizations were formed in 1982.  These two organizations combined to form one organization which has continued to serve the original water users as well those in surrounding areas.

Mid-ARkansas Utilities PWA manages the Furlow Public Water Authority of Lonoke, Arkansas.  The predecessor entity, Furlow Water Users Association was formed on June 23, 1977.  Furlow’s Board of Directors authorized conversion to a public water authority on July 17, 2011.

North Pulaski Waterworks PFB also managed Highway 319 Waterworks Board of Lonoke County until the Highway 319 Board authorized its merger into North Pulaski Waterworks PFB on February 26, 2007. 

We have partnered with residents in the Quail Valley and Satillo Heights communities by assisting them with their financing of water distribution systems to serve them.  We also work with the City of Jacksonville, Vilonia Waterworks Association, and the City of Austin in the areas of wholesale water acquisition and wholesale water sales.

We are members of Lonoke/White Public Water Authority and Mid-Arkansas Water Alliance, and are very proud of our record of serving our immediate community and the neighboring communities around us by providing safe, dependable water while working cooperatively with other water user groups.


Lonoke White Project Underway